Podcast review: The 80,000 Hours Podcast with Robert Wiblin – #8 – Lewis Bollard On How To End Factory Farming In Our Lifetimes

Price: ***** (free)
Ease of use: *****
Value for EAA beginners: *****
Value for EAA pros: ***

This free podcast is long – 3 hours 17 minutes – but the format of the site makes it incredibly clear and easy to use. Firstly, the “overview of the discussion” underneath the podcast itself gives you timestamps in the podcast for various topics that you can jump to. Secondly, there is a full transcript beneath the overview, so that you can read through if you prefer. This also means that you can just press “ctrl” plus “f” to search for key words or phrases, like “clean meat”.

The podcast covers issues from the perspective of Open Philanthropy Project, the organisation that Lewis Bollard works for. In the process, however, it covers lots of useful topics. As an introduction to Effective Animal Advocacy, it is fairly comprehensive. One topic with particular use in this regard is at 24m20s, for example: “In your view, what are the most effective interventions for helping animals, and how confidently do we have answers to that question? Are there any interventions that you think are especially overrated?”.

The podcast also covers some more newer topics, such as new programmes in China and India (11m40), and advanced topics, such as wild animal suffering (although this is mentioned relatively briefly).

“EAA pros” will benefit most from the “newer topics” and just from hearing Lewis Bollard’s own views and approach. After all, heading up both the “EA funds” animal welfare fund and the Open Phil animal welfare fund gives him a decent amount of influence! There are also some useful discussions about careers in EAA (especially from 2h33m20s) so this may be relevant to some of you.

Personally, I benefitted by changing some of my ideas about where I should be sending my own donations. Bollard seems more interested in funding long-term interventions and solutions such as clean meat than I was aware, as confirmed by the grants he has been making through EA Funds. The careers advice was incredibly useful for me; it was part of what prompted me to set up this blog, for example.


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