Animal Rights/Welfare Giving Game

I created and ran an Animal Charities giving game with Effective Animal Altruism London in July 2017.
I have designed the slides, materials and instructions with the explicit intention that anybody could use/modify/deliver the resources and session easily. They should be self-explanatory. They could also be used as the basis/model for a Giving Game on any other topic.

There are also some fairly detailed reflections on the effectiveness of the event for the specific context of using the Giving Game with a local EA group on there, but these resources could be used in other contexts too.

Conclusion: The giving game was enjoyable and personally useful for many of the participants, but in the specific context, a workshop would probably be more useful, and to do much good in terms of spreading EA ideas, it would have to be delivered to a different group (or marketed in a sufficiently different way to attract a different group of attendees).

Feel free to download, adapt, share, whatever is most beneficial for you.

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