Potential volunteering opportunities at But Can They Suffer

I have been running But Can They Suffer on my own, in my spare time, so far. I think that BCTS fulfils relatively useful functions in developing some deeper engagement with Effective Animal Advocacy ideas for readers (thereby, hopefully, increasing their effectiveness and impact), and for helping to save wasted time, effort and resources of individuals by providing reviews to help them locate information and resources that will be most useful to them.

Working on BCTS has also been useful for myself to 1) provide a focus and an output for reading I was planning/hoping to do anyway, and to help motivate myself to do it, and 2) to demonstrate engagement and interest in Effective Animal Advocacy issues, which has benefits for my own employability prospects.

In order to slightly increase the positive impact of the blog, and to help others to receive similar personal/career benefits that working on BCTS has brought me, I am opening up some potential volunteer opportunities.

I do not necessarily need any of these positions to be filled, and I would not want to divert individuals from more productive projects towards this. I therefore encourage you to contact me if you think that any of these opportunities would provide useful exploratory value for you, would help you to practise and develop an existing skillset, or would help you to fulfil wider career goals.

My own situation is that I have recently accepted a full-time position in the EAA field, and would prefer to move into an editorial / managerial role at BCTS.

  1. Volunteer writer: see the “about” section for more information about what this might involve, and see previous posts for ideas about the style and format of reviews, reflection posts etc. Anyone can write a piece for BCTS if it is relevant to the purposes described above and is well-thought out and at least partially researched.
  2. Communications manager: I have recently started up a mailing list via mail chimp, but manage this quite poorly, and otherwise only promote the blog via the Effective Animal Advocacy – Discussion Facebook group and occasionally via my own social media. The blog isn’t remotely googleable. Somebody to manage these things might be relatively low time input, but would possibly be the most useful position for someone else to take from my point of view.
  3. People in charge of specific types of content, to ensure that they are up-to-date and (moving towards being) as comprehensive as possible.
    • E.g. someone to take responsibility for seeking out resources which would be suitable for review and which have not yet been reviewed;
    • E.g. someone to start generating valuable reflection / original resource posts regarding career paths and development within EAA;
    • E.g. someone to start developing a series of podcasts, similar to those done by 80,000 Hours, but perhaps with slightly less focus on careers and slightly more focus on strategies and particular interventions within EAA.

If any of these positions sound of interest to you, then please contact me at james_a_harris@hotmail.co.uk with the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Experience and/or interest in Effective Animal Advocacy (1-3 sentences)
  3. Experience and/or interest in writing, research, publishing or social media management, as applicable to the role you are interested in (1-3 sentences)
  4. A post proposal, if applicable (2-5 sentences)

If you have any other ideas for development of BCTS, or questions about the above, then please also feel free to contact me.

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