Podcast review: Cultured Meat and Future Foods Podcast

Price: Free
Ease of use: ***
Value for EAA beginners: **
Value for EAA pros: **

If you haven’t heard of clean meat (called here “cultured meat”) before, it refers to real meat created without the factory farming or the slaughterhouses, which will be grown in facilities resembling breweries or fermenters. See this list for further reading.

The Cultured Meat and Future Foods podcast currently has 11 episodes available, with most episodes being around 30 minutes long. They are with a variety of people involved in clean meat production, research and advocacy, including employees of New Harvest and The Good Food Institute, plus Paul Shapiro, author of Clean Meat, as well as founders of for-profit companies in the area. The podcast considers “future foods” in general, but so far has focused almost exclusively on clean meat and other forms of cellular or acellular agriculture.

For those who have heard of clean meat but are otherwise new to the topic, then listening to one or two of the first few podcasts will probably act as an interesting introduction.

For those who have read about clean meat already, the greatest uses of the podcast are probably to get a sense of the views and actions of different organisations in the field and to get the occasional insider insight.

One disadvantage is that I feel that the podcasts cover quite introductory content, and discuss similar issues with each podcast. This seems a shame, given that many of the interviewees work in quite specific areas; it would have been more useful for listeners to get more specific insights into their specific roles.

There is also no particular guidance from the producers as to the content of each podcast, beyond a short, introductory paragraph. Time stamps for different questions would make the resource much easier to access and use for those more familiar with the field. On a practical level, the ability to speed up the podcast to anywhere between 1x and 2x speed is helpful, however.

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