Short update on this blog

Although this blog used to have a wider purpose, it now principally operates as the host of a newsletter about effective animal advocacy and broader moral circle expansion. The newsletter goes out each month, summarising:

  • New research and effective animal advocacy content
  • News and updates
  • Jobs and grants
  • Virtual or local events
  • Conferences.

You can sign up to get this newsletter by email here. It is also shared on the Effective Animal Advocacy – Discussion Facebook group.

Formerly, the aims of the blog were:

  1. Reflections and recommendations for the effective animal advocacy community:
  2. Reviews and recommendations of resources:
  3. A repository of resources for effective animal advocacy community building.

Various old posts relating to these aims are still available on the blog. I now spend most of my time focusing on work for Sentience Institute and Animal Advocacy Careers, so do not prioritise adding content to this blog. It’s not impossible that this blog’s wider purpose would be revived at some point; if you’re interested in making that happen, or in helping out with the newsletter, please get in contact: my email is jamie.a.harris94 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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