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This quote summarises one of the most important reasons for why we should consider animals’ interests. It was quoted in Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation (1975), which was the book which pushed the author of this blog from being a vegetarian into being an animal advocate.


About the blog:

Although this blog used to have a wider purpose, it now principally operates as the host of a newsletter about effective animal advocacy and broader moral circle expansion. The newsletter goes out each month, summarising:

  • New research and effective animal advocacy content
  • News and updates
  • Jobs and grants
  • Virtual or local events
  • Conferences

Formerly, the aims of the blog were:

  1. Reflections and recommendations for the Effective Animal Advocacy community:
  2. Reviews and recommendations of resources:
  3. A repository of resources for Effective Animal Advocacy community building.

I now spend most of my time focusing on work for Sentience Institute and Animal Advocacy Careers. It’s not impossible that this blog’s wider purpose would be revived at some point; if you’re interested in making that happen, or in helping out with the newsletter, please get in contact.

Terminology used:

The term “effective animal advocacy” (sometimes abbreviated to EAA) is used to describe the intersection of the animal rights/welfare/advocacy movements and the effective altruism movement (sometimes abbreviated to EA). If effective altruism is about working out how we can use our resources to help others the most and do the most good that we can, effective animal advocacy is about targeting these ideas towards helping animals the most. You can join in discussion about EAA here!

The term “animal advocate” is used to refer to anyone who takes action to reduce animal suffering, be it in a full-time, professional capacity, through volunteering and activism, or through donations.

For other relevant definitions and explanations, see Sentience Institute’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

BCTS is used as an abbreviation for this blog – But Can They Suffer.


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